SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.  Delivering on America's promise requires a thoughtful, data-driven approach to Identifying, Assessing, and Assigning personnel to fulfill mission critical roles. The 20th Century benefited from unwavering hope, yet was hindered by subjectivity.  As the pace of technology intensifies, so too does our responsibility to harness data solutions to objectively deliver better outcomes for every member of a high-functioning society.  Orchestra Macrosystems brings together socially conscious technologists, world-class strategists, and seasoned government officials to deliver next-generation data solutions that offer America -- and the world -- a viable pathway to a life well lived.
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mobile solutions for recruiting, assessing & assigning personnel
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desktop portals for executive level personnel management
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actionable intelligence from descriptive & predictive data analytics


Orchestra's bleeding-edge solutions are critical for America to deliver on its promise in the 21st Century.
next-generation recruiting
assessment management
predictive analytics
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Meet our world-class advisors who bring decades of experience in national security
VADM (r) Joseph Maguire
former Acting Director
Director of National Intelligence
GEN (r) David Perkins
former Commanding General
U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command
Lt. Gen. Gina Grosso (*on leave)
former Deputy Chief of Staff
U.S. Air Force Manpower, Personnel and Services
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